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After a few years of absence, the Chudleigh Knighton Village show is to make a comeback. To be held on the 4th of September in the village hall. Run as a traditional village show with a homegrown vegetable and produce section along with Baking, Jams & preserves, Flowers & flower arranging, Handcrafts & art, and although all categories are open to any age, there will be a Kids section as well. Posters will so be going up and entry forms can be downloaded and will soon be available at the local shop “Knighton Stores” and on our Facebook page. Also, a cry-out for thick-skinned people to act as judges, If you have any growing, craft, knitting, sewing, cooking skills or just know what you like, or know someone who fits, let us know.

Here are the categories

Garden & Produce Show 2021

Saturday 4th September in the Village Hall

Schedule and Information

  • Entry fees: 50p per entry (Children free). Only one entry per person per class.

Classes (open to any age )

Vegetables and Fruit (presented on paper plates where appropriate)

  1. Potatoes 3 on a plate
  2. Runner Beans 5 on a plate
  3. Runner Bean Longest
  4. Courgettes 3 on a plate
  5. Parsnip Longest
  6. Leeks (Best looking) 2
  7. Carrots (stalks trimmed to 3”) 3 on a plate
  8. Beetroot (stalks trimmed to 3”) 3 on a plate
  9. Lettuce, any type 1 on a plate
  10. Cabbage 1
  11. White Onions 3 on a plate
  12. Red Onions 3 on a plate
  13. Shallots 3on a plate
  14. Tomatoes with Stalks 3 on a plate
  15. Truss of Tomatoes 1 on a plate
  16. Cucumber 1 on a plate
  17. Bowl of Blackberries 4 oz approx
  18. Bowl of Raspberries 4 oz approx
  19. Eating Apples (of one variety) 3 on a plate
  20. Cooking Apples (of one variety) 3 on a plate
  21. A Bottle of Home-made Wine
  22. Bowl any other Fruit
  23. Wonky Veg


Flowers and Floral Art (Cut flowers to be presented in a vase)

  1. Roses 3 stems
  2. Dahlias 3 blooms
  3. Chrysanthemums 3 stems
  4. Gladioli 3 stems
  5. Other Garden Flowers of one sort 3 stems or blooms
  6. Flower arrangement made with flowers from your garden
  7. Corsage or Buttonhole
  8. Arrangement in an unusual container
  9. Miniature flower arrangement (3 inches max)

Kitchen produce

Vegan, gluten free, etc. bakes, cakes, cookies should be entered in the appropriate class and will be judged on it’s own merits along with the rest in that class, e.g., vegan brownies should be in class #40

  1. Jar of Marmalade
  2. Jar of any Fruit Jam/Jelly
  3. Jar of Chutney or Pickles
  4. Jar of Lemon Curd
  5. Any Tray Bakes/Slices
  6. Victoria sponge sandwich (dusted with castor sugar)
  7. Lemon drizzle cake
  8. 4 Chocolate Brownies
  9. 3 pieces of shortbread
  10. Pineapple Upside Down Cake (men only)
  11. 4 decorated cup cakes
  12. Bread loaf (any shape)


Children’s Classes ( Age 11 and under , **under 5s only.)

  1. Crazy animal from vegetables and/or fruit (max 12 inches square)
  2. Funny Egg Head (empty shell or hard boiled!)
  3. **Decorated Potato
  4. **A painted pebble or rock (maximum 10cm diameter)
  5. 3 gingerbread people



51,Any needle craft, Knitting, sewing, crochet, embroidery etc.

52. Card making (for an adult male

54. A painting or Art work of a local view with a title unframed , any medium.

55.Any other handicraft item not mentioned above.


  • Entry forms with appropriate fees, in a sealed envelope marked “FLOWER SHOW”, should be handed in to Knighton Stores by 5pm on Thursday September 2rd.

Children’s classes are open to all those 11 years of age or less on day of show. The Judges will take account of the age of the child in awarding prizes. Children may also enter adult classes, but will need to pay the appropriate fee.

Exhibits will be received at the Village Hall on Saturday 4th September between 9 am and 10.30am. The hall will then be cleared for judging and opened to the public at 1.30pm.

Exhibits may be collected after the awards Ceremony at 4pm,